Breast Cancer Survivor Team
Why a separate team for Breast Cancer Survivors?


Under the Philadelphia Flying Phoenix umbrella is our breast cancer survivors team -- Against the Wind. Members of Against the Wind may also join in the recreational or competitive practices of Philadelphia Flying Phoenix. Team members who have survived breast cancer find this to be an extraordinary way to build their fitness level, exhibit their strength and wellness, and share all of these benefits with newcomers, as we encourage and train them in this
wonderful sport. It is also a truly profound way of providing hope and encouragement to all who have experienced this devastating diagnosis.

Who Can Belong?

Membership in Against the Wind is open to all breast cancer survivors. It does not matter how old you are, it does not matter how athletic you are, and it does not matter how fit you are. Only two things matter: your enthusiasm to learn a new sport and your doctor’s permission to do so.

How Do I Learn The Sport?

Our coach (also a breast cancer survivor) will teach you how to paddle. Practices are in the evening, usually for an hour starting at 6 p.m. To really get the full benefit of the sport and to learn to paddle well, you should plan on going to practice twice a week.